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Group Discussion Tips - Simple but Effective

Tips on facing Group Discussion

Most of the job aspirants do well In written exams, but when it comes to GD discussions they fail. They do not understand why they are not able to attract recruiters though they are participating long enough in the them. Being distressed they just give up applying for jobs which select candidates through group discussion. But experts say this is not the right way to deal. Every problem has a solution.

While participating in group discussion keep these things in mind to shoot out your fear and attract recruiters.

How to Become a Pilot?

      If you have 10+2 passed with Math and Physics, attained 16 years of age, can spend up to 20 lakhs and have the guts to fly in the air then Air Line Pilot is the best career for you.

      As the aviation industry is growing rapidly, air travel has become affordable and the number of air lines increased, the demand for pilots is increased tremendously. According to the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation, a leading specialist consulting and research organization focusing on Asian aviation, India currently needs about 500 pilots a year; only 200 are being produced.